Enhanced Investor & Liquidity Management

Our next generation blockchain software enables automated investor management at huge scales as well as increased liquidity, especially to funds investing in inherently illiquid assets, through our proprietary peer-to-peer inflow to outflow exchange.

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Key Benefits

How we can improve your business.

Your funds just got more scalable

Blockacre takes the role of a single, large customer. Meaning your funds aren’t inundated with managing new investors.

Allowing you to scale up to thousands of investors with little to no additional management overhead.

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Engage with a new
type of investor

With user administration and fund distribution handled by our system, the lifetime cost of an investor is reduced, allowing for a lower investment threshold. 

Enabling you to open up your assets to a brand new segment of investors.

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Keep your open-ended
funds, open

Blockacre's unique P2P secondary market ensures that investors in highly illiquid funds are able to sell their units without fund redemption, even during distressed market conditions.

Avoiding situations of investors being locked in to a "gated" open-ended fund.

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Our Product

Whitelabel our product, with an end-to-end cloud-native system consisting of multiple, modular applications. It is built to be highly customisable and capable of securely integrating with many systems.


Our core financial system manages the ownership of assets, currencies and flow of value throughout the system.


Our suite of microservices abstracts the complexity of integrating blockchain into a standard RESTful API.


Our state-of-the-art UI kit, built with React, allows investors to interact and manage their portfolio through your website.

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